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Griffin Dual-Pass Radiator w/Fans

$450.00 / Sold Out

This is a nice used Dual-pass Radiator than came from my red car. It does a great job of cooling with it's twin-fan assembly on the back mounted to a custom shroud. It's got a coupe of dents in it but it's 100% free of any technical issues and will make a great addition to anyone's car who's looking for great cooling in a lightweight package.

This has a correct-hight Core so you can still run your stock-styled overflow tank (which I also have if interested). It currently has -20 fitting on outlet with a Bung in the upper-neck for a temperature sender and a -20 Wiggins fitting on the bottom. The inlet and outlet can be modified to suit your car's individual set-up. You can either do it yourself at your local welding shop or for "cost" we will modify it for you before shipping if you tell us what you want.

It has stock-style mounts so it will bolt right in to any unmodified sn95/new edge Mustang.

Shipping cost is $100