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Aeromotive Fuel Systems


Any and all Aeromotive parts are available so please let us know what you need and we'll do what we can to get you the best prices possible on their very-fine products.

Just a few of their items are:
Complete Fuel Systems- $1875 Part #17141
These 96-04 4.6L SOHC Mustang kit includes everything necessary for the installation of a complete fuel system. Does NOT include fuel tank.

Billet Fuel Pump Speed Controller- $335 Part #16306
For any pump, on any type of vehicle, the Aeromotive Fuel Pump Speed Controller (FPSC) minimizes fuel heating and vapor-lock problems by matching the duty cycle of the fuel pump to engine RPM. At low demand, the FPSC slows the fuel pump down, reducing the chance of suction side cavitation and vapor lock. When demand increases, the FPSC returns the fuel pump to 100% duty cycle for maximum flow. It’s like an automatic transmission for your fuel pump.

High Flow “Y” Block- $89 Part #15620
Super low-resistance block features one ORB-10 Port and two ORB-08 Ports

A1000 Fuel Pump- $365 Part #11101
This is the pump that started it all. Durable, reliable, good looking and it supports high horsepower.
Fuel Injected Engines:
up to 1300 HP - naturally aspirated
up to 1000 HP - forced air induction
Carbureted Engines:
up to 1500 HP - naturally aspirated
up to 1200 HP - forced air induction
- See more at: http://aeromotiveinc.com/products-page/fuel-pumps/11101/a1000-fuel-pump/#sthash.9VEB92X1.dpuf