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VDB Racing Cobra Replacement IRS Billet Aluminum Upright

$2,025.00 / On Sale

Yes they do exist... :)
My complete new VDB Racing Billet Uprights are in industry-first. No other company has taken on the challenge to improve what came stock on the Cobra Mustangs. These uprights or knuckles as they are sometime referred offer you multiple benefits:
• They lower your car’s ride height by 1-inch because the hub is relocated in the original layout.
• Full Shock travel at a lower ride height.
• Improved strength with less flex under extreme use.
• All control arm mounting points are in the stock location using the OEM Cross-Axis Joints, so they will bolt right into your stock Arms and a stock-style tapered Toe-link is retained.
• For brake options, you can run a ‘fixed” brake caliper (Wilwood, AP, Brembo, Aerospace, etc. that use our optional Caliper Brackets) without pad-knock-back (which can't be run on stock uprights because they flex so bad) and larger rotors. Or if you prefer, you can simply run stock Cobra calipers and rotors.
• Because we retained many of the factory specs, your Cobra wheels will fit your fenders just like they did with the stock uprights.
• Bolt-on install as they are a “direct replacement” piece.
• They look so sweet…

• Option-1) To go with these uprights, you’ll need our 33-spline Driveshaft Shop “bolt-in” hub/bearing cassettes that is many-times stronger than the factory "press-in" bearing assemblies that have a tendency to loosen-up after normal “track-use”. This hub-assembly has an OEM application meaning, if you’re in a jam, you can find a similar (albeit lower grade) unit at most auto parts stores, though the Driveshaft Shop cassette is made with the highest standards possible and should be continually used to offer the highest level of performance.
• Option-2) The Driveshaft Shop Hub which is considerably stronger than the stock Cobra press-in bearing.
• Option-3) The Driveshaft Shop Level-5 Axle set
• Option-4) Brake Caliper Bracket to fit oversize Wilwood Rotors & Calipers

• We recommend you install New Cross-Axis Joints available from Full Tilt Boogie FT 6100.