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DVM Mustang Spindles: 1979-2004


- They are all-new "ground-up" fabricated new parts, not modified stock units.
- They are fabricated from forged-steel plate.
- They feature a 2-inch higher Axel/Pin placement so as to lower your car by 2-inches without killing your LCA angle.
- They can be ordered to accept stock brakes OR Aftermarket Calipers.
- They will come with a proprietary Strut mount location so as to minimize the excessive positive-camber gain at lock.
- This strut mounting location also helps improve steering feel.
- They have a Steering Arm positioned to increase steering angle, quicken steering response and improve Ackerman.
- They offer you the ability to adjust your Ackerman independently of the other side so you can achieve your desired tire-tracking at full-lock.
- No modifications will be required for installation (though stock-LCA to Wheel and Wheel to stock-Sway Bar contact will result because of the increased steering angle).
- They will come Powder-coated in bright DVM-Red (other colors are available for a small additional charge).
- They are direct duplicates (in dimension) to what I've run on my car for many seasons and I'm very confident once installed on your car you will agree that these will be the last Spindles your car will ever need!

These are custom-built to order so you must allow a few weeks for delivery so make sure you email me so I can give you an ETA before you order them.