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DVM Extra Long Bump Steer Kit- sn95


If you've lowered your car or changed the suspension geometry by modifying your spindles on your Mustang, then you've probably experienced bumpsteer during driving. It's a condition that causes your tires to slightly steer in or out as you go over dips or rises in the road. We have designed this bumpsteer kit to be a "no drill" design and a direct bolt in for sn95 based Mustang’s.

This 100% American made fully adjustable kit using multi-piece Aurora Rod-Ends and hardened-steel Pins that will allow you to correct your steering geometry and eliminate bumpsteer. What's more, by giving these billet aluminum sleeves some extra length, your factory tie-rods will reach your spindle steering arms even better. This is extremely helpful when using extended lower control arms. They also have opposing threads cut into them so your adjustments will be faster than when using bumpsteer kits from other manufactures.

This kit will allow you to fine tune your suspension for a more predictable steering response and better overall handling. They are available in a black-anodized finish with the DVM-logo etched into them in white.

We only have two kits left so get them while you can...