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JRI Double Adjustable Rear Shocks

$1,050.00 / On Sale

JRi Shocks understands the extreme, unique demands of all forms of motorsports. After in depth research and development, the JRi Development Team custom designs and builds the highest performing shocks and struts on the market. JRi shocks feature several variations from its most popular & successful double adjustable to its high end air assisted 4-way adjustable shock. The 4-way adjustable shock offers high/low speed compression adjustment and high/low speed rebound adjustment available with air assisted rebound for tire control.

If you're looking for an ultra-high-end strut or shock that is custom made and valued for your specific needs, look no further that JRI. Designed and built in North Carolina, their product-Reps and Developers are at racetracks every week and they can match your needs be it Drift, Autocross, Drag or Road Course.

Their single-adjustable Aluminum-bodied rear shocks start at $499