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Kenny Brown Performance Extreme Matrix Sub-Frame System- 94-04


Extreme Matrix Kit-
# KB-29550 1994-2004 $460
# KB-29551 1979-1993 $460
# KB-29552 2005-2014 $340

IMO, this is the best complete "under car" chassis support system on the market. If I was allowed by FD Pro to run these, I would not even consider running my car without them. Installing this kit on my car made such a big difference, I can't even explain!

-- Stiffens the chassis which drastically improves handling
-- A MUST for all convertibles and hard driving applications
-- Helps reduce squeaks and rattles from chassis-flex
-- Creates a full frame under your Mustang
-- No loss of ground clearance
-- Built-in jacking rails for added convenience that more importantly, saves your pinch-welds from getting all bent up

The Extreme Matrix Kit improves the handling of your Mustang by maximizing the strength of the car's center pan section, with minimum additional weight and no loss in ground clearance. The Extreme brace “bridges” the Kenny Brown Subframe Connectors** and Jacking Rails to form a triangulated 12” wide frame on each side of your Mustang.

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