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DVM Mustang Front Lower Control Arms for Drift/Autocross

$950.00 / On Sale

- These arms fit all (stock dimension) K-Members both stock and aftermarket for Fox up to New Edge cars (79-04).
- Because they are based off of 99-04 Arms, while they fit a Fox K-member, the stock Fox stock arm is shorter than the 99-04 so please order accordingly.
- These can be made in stock length, +1" wider than the stock 99-04 LCA's or length up to +3" wider. This will help many things including everyone who runs wheel spacers.
- They offer a ton of adjustability: Wheelbase, Caster/Camber, Tread Width and Roll Center.
- They come with all the hardware you need save for a few large washers to suit your individual K-member

These are custom-built to order so you must allow a few weeks for delivery so make sure you email me so I can give you an ETA before you order them.